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Shes dead - shes gone! WERE DONE!!!!

Stealz a Shin was kind enough to get our second kill on cam
Trillbane a Nice job all :)

You all did a great job! Upwards and onwards

Trillbane a Simplez....

Right so The month of X-mad starts and as we all know for most it's a month of gift swapping etc. Our raid team granted us this kill! Well done!

staying on the subject of X-mas Odin is a God of Nordic mythology - now you may think - "what does Nordic mythology have to do with Xmas - I thought they were a bunch of bloodthirsty killers up there in Scandinavia." And we were - But whilst Odin was a war god he had a different role as well - Odin was in some stories referred to as Jolner - and he was actually know as being God of Xmas! So there you have it - December 1st, Xmas starts, Odin encounter beaten. Coincident? I think not!

Helya took a fall!

Stealz a posted Nov 16, 16

Trill is bouncing of joy! - and I understand. Well done team! 

Puny We did it!!!!
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